A Few Blogging Lessons I Have Learned

5 May 2017

I have been blogging for a little minute now, I have had several blogs over the last 5 years, but none have ever seem to stick as well as The Things She Loves and what that is currently developing into. My previous blogs have never quite felt right, and whilst I kind of wish I could still see my oldest posts (because it would be hilariously embarrassing), I feel like changing and growing my blog in the way that I have chosen to do it has taught me a few things.

..Always use your own photos 

I absolutely ADORE unsplash.com, the photos on there are so beautiful and I could look at them all day, they are also completely free to use and there is always a photo that you can adapt to your post.

But don't.

They are just not yours, and whilst I have relied on them a lot in the past, I have now made a promise to myself that I will always use a photo that I have taken unless the post specifically needs someone else (for example, my Insta Love posts, but even with them, going forward I am going to get creative with my main picture).

Not only does using your own photos put something of yourself into your blog, it also helps you to find a photography style and see what colours you are naturally drawn to.

..Domains can be changed

This point links in to what I was saying in the introduction, instead of changing the domain names of my blogs when I wanted them to be different, I deleted them and started again. And whilst there is definitely something in deleting and starting over, if I had just changed the name, I would still have all my old brilliantly-embarrassing posts.

I changed the name from In Search of Cosy to The Things She Loves and I really love that I can still see all my old content. Whether I like it or not is another story...

..Don't delete

Definitely carrying on from the point above, if you have taken the time to carve out a post and looking back on it you see only flaws, try not to delete it, it is all part of you carving out your online identity.

..Don't be jealous

This is perhaps the hardest thing to do while blogging. We all want to put our best foot forward and create the best content we can, content that people hopefully enjoy reading, but don't get too bogged down in what other people are doing. Enjoy their content, enjoy your own. If you spend too much time getting jealous of other people's and imitate them. Imitation may be the best form of flattery, but I want to read your blog for you.


And not just so they comment back. Comment on post you like, get into the community spirit of blogging because it may just make you feel like you're a little bit part of something.

..Enjoy it

Enjoy what you write about, enjoy learning coding if you want, enjoy the community aspect. Enjoy your blog and hope that others do to!

What have you learned from blogging? x

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