4 April 2017

Insta Love Vol II

Back in August, I really enjoyed writing my Insta Love post, so I thought I would do a volume two, showing you the Instagram accounts I am constantly checking in jealousy for inspiration.The post's picture is from Poetryofmotion whose account I could honestly stare at all day. I would love mine to be a bit more moody and atmospheric but for now, I am happy with some sort of cohesion!

For aesthetic pleasure...

Welcome to two of my it's-not-fair-how-pretty-their-Instagram-is accounts. These are the accounts that I look at when I have fallen out of love with mine (which is most of the time). I particularly want to develop my low light photography and get images that are as beautiful as these!
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For tattoo ideas...

I am really craving a new tattoo at the minute, I have a lovely piece on my back (done by Lydia - pictured below). I only got it done in October but there is definitely something in the air at the moment that is causing me to crave another.

For anything blog related...

I am just going to take a second to really, really recommend Blogs & Lattes for anything blog (particularly Blogger) related, Amanda has been absolutely brilliant in helping me with a rebrand (and rename!) of my blog. She also does amazing brush lettering, so if you are in need of any of the above, hit her up!
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What Instagram accounts are your go to's? x


  1. Thanks for featuring these accounts, they look lovely.
    xx finja | www.effcaa.com

    1. Thanks for reading! I have just been having a read of your blog, your Astrological Consultations sound so interesting! I may have to indulge on pay day xx

  2. Hi Lucy! Thank you for the feature :) It was a pleasure working with your and you do have very beautiful contents for your blog, which what makes a blog great aside from its design. Keep writing and happy blogging! ๐Ÿ˜š

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