Going To The Same Place Twice | Barcelona

2 April 2017

"I don't see the point of going on holiday to the same place twice, there are so many beautiful places to explore." 
This is me. This is what I have said multiple times. And it was true, it really was. If I am going to buy a plane ticket, pay for a hotel, save spending money, then I want to see somewhere new.

Until Barcelona happened to me (and a bit of Ed Sheeran but onto that later).

My boyfriend (who from now on I will call Gareth because I have written about him a few times and can't keep him un-named) and I have my birthday week booked off work, and we have been talking about where we want to go. We were both say on Expedia looking at different destinations for city breaks, weighing up the costs and what we could do in three days.

Then Barcelona came up. At a very reasonable price.

And suddenly all this excitement bubbled up inside of me, the though that I could be walking down the flowered streets again, that I could stare at Gaudi creations again and walk around the Cathedral and I couldn't help myself.

I tried to put it to the back of my mind. Then I listened to Barcelona offof Ed Sheeran's new album an I was done.

There was also so much of Barcelona that I felt we missed last time, we didn't go in any of the major attractions because the queue was crazy, we then learned that you could pre-book (which I would strongly recommend), there were so many restaurants we wanted to try that we didn't get chance,we also accidentally went on Easter Weekend so some things were closed.

So I am off to Barcelona in May, and somehow seem to have the best of both worlds, all the excitement of a city break without the pressure of seeing everything as we have a hit list of things we missed last time.

It turns out I may be converted into a repeat visitor!

Have you been to destinations twice? Or more times? x

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