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26 March 2017

Happy Mother's Day!

My Mum is the most special person in the whole entire world, and I always say if I can be half the woman she is, then I am going to be ok.

With this thought, I decided maybe I should share my Mamma with the entire world, or at least the people that read my little blog. So, I have made a feature out of the wonderful, sparkly, beautiful woman that is my Mamma that is going to ask Dawn one question that she will delve into and hopefully we can all take something from it. No pressure Mamma.

So, question one; What piece of life advice would you give me?
When I asked my Mamma this, she had to think a minute, as anyone probably would.
"Happiness comes through generosity"
And I can honestly say, as soon as she said it, nothing has even summed up my Mum more. She has spent her entire life looking after other people and I have never once her heard her moan.
"I don't mean be generous so people will do things back for you, I just mean be generous, because seeing others happy is one of the most rewarding things in life. It's how you fix a bad mood, a bad day, just try making someone else smile and see how good it makes you feel. Then your day doesn't seem so bad anymore." 
I think it is pretty damn good advice, but then I also am convinced my mother is the most beautiful, sincere, generous woman on the planet.

How have you spent Mother's Day? x

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