Ibérica Spinningfields, Manchester

22 March 2017

So this weekend was one of my favourite people's 27th birthday! In a weird start to the year for all of us, we all admitted that it has kind of crept up on us. The birthday girl also admitted that she had no idea what to do for her birthday (and that her house had no plumbing so a night in at hers was out of the question!).

Cue me getting on Open Table, tidying my house and getting them both round for Prosecco and out for a meal.

This is where Iberica came up! I love Spanish food (and did I mention I have booked to back to Barcelona?) and I asked Chef-boyfriend-Gareth what he had heard about it and he said only good things so we traipsed into town for wine and tapas.
The atmosphere from the second we walked in was just lovely, I can't quite put my finger on what it was but we were immediately at ease, the staff were lovely and so was the decor. We grabbed the cheapest bottle of wine (coz y'know... poor) and that was the loveliest white wine I have had in a long time!

We all grabbed three tapas dishes each. Unfortunately I didn't take any pictures of the food as I had already had a fair bit of Prosseco and white wine so just tucked in more or less straight away, but I had hake, chorizo lollipops and asparagus toast. I loved it all and would definitely recommend those three dishes, and the potato bravas because it's tapas and you have to have potato bravas.

So we got merry one wine, filled ourselves up on tapas and had one great evening.

Also. The toilets. 😍

Have you been? What are your favourite Manchester spots? x

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