Blog Envy

13 October 2016

unsplash-logoAnete Lūsiņa

I try not to, I really do, but living life online can leave you very open to blog envy. As much as there are things I love writing about; books for instance; my blog is still very much infantile, I am still constantly trying to figure out what I want it to be, what I want to write about and what content I think will be interesting for anyone who stumbles across my little corner of the internet.

I think part of my problem is there is so much out there to write about. I love books, I love making things, I love cooking, I love TV and films, I love going out and I love to travel. But I cannot blog about all these things. Then there is the added pressure to get the picture right, to pick something that grabs a lot of readers. There is also a lot of competition now blogging has become fashionable.

Also as platforms like blogger become easier to use, it becomes a blessing and a curse that everyone can have a blog. Great because everyone gets a voice, not so great because suddenly something you want to blog about has probably already been done.

Just to add to my list of excuses, there is also the small matter of time. I work full time but there are also extras on my job such as courses, evening meetings, various bits and pieces that I do in my own time and whilst I know I am incredibly lucky to have my job, it doesn't leave me much time to plan, let my creative juices flow and get my camera out.

I am sorry if this reads like one long list of excuses, that is not how I meant it in any way. I guess I am just acknowledging that sometimes it is ok to fall out with blogging. It is ok to look at someone else's picture or article and not want to compete with it and it is ok to feel a little bit jealous of other people's blogs.

Because after we have acknowledged it, we pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off, go to our own little corner of the internet and make it the best damn corner of the internet we can.

Do you ever suffer from blog envy? x

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