Getting My Spark Back

17 October 2016

Do you ever start to read any content you are creating and suddently realise that you've let a little bit too much negativity slip into your life?

Well, that's defintiely me at the moment.

I am a pretty positive person, at least by general rule I am, but lately I've noticed that a lot of my conversations/thoughts/posts have this little negative tinge to them. I am not saying, by any stretch, that a wallow every now and again isn't good for the soul. I am the first to want to grab a duvet, get some lovely food and stick on a sad film for catharsis, but it has become apparent to me that I am letting a little bit too much in. Suddenly I am looking at the conversations I am having and wanting to give myself a bit of a shake and get myself back to the positive me.

So I guess that's what this article is, my virtual positivity shake up.

Here are some of the things I am going to do to shake these negative vibes;

. + 

Having just read Katie Writes post Being More Positive (When You're A Massive Pessimist), I am definitely going to employ the + into my life, ensuring that I note it down somewhere in my eye-line so I can become more conscious of allowing positivity to seep back in!

. Meditation

I have written about this before, in the post Mindfulness, but I must admit sometimes I do find it hard to practice what I preach. I personally find meditation a really good way to take 10 minutes and just readjust yourself and your brain to a more relaxed, positive you!

. Exercise

Once again, see above with practising what you preach. In theory going for a jog makes me feel great, lowers my anxiety and encourages me to eat healthier. In reality, my sofa and a cup of tea are just way to tempting.

No. More. Excuses. Exercise is back on the menu.

. Talking

Just chatting, or writing, about how you have let negativity in can make you see that a bit of readjustment may be needed!

. Say one positive thing to myself a day

I am going to stop beating myself up about the fact that a few pounds have gone on and that I may not be up to my usual self (a bit snappy and short tempered comes to mind for me at the moment), and start telling myself things I like about myself. Learning to love myself is pretty high on my list of priorities, after all, I'm stuck with me forever.

What do you do to get rid of negativity? x

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