Happy Friday!

21 October 2016

To say that this week has been a challenge for me personally is an understatement, but here we are, at Friday! All that is left is the weekend, a glass of wine, and hopefully a couple of books (if I can get through them at the rate I am hoping to).

This weekend, my mum and dad are going out to celebrate their 39th wedding anniversary (!) and my partner is working Saturday evening, meaning I have a lovely chunk of time that is just mine. I really do love the people around me more than anything, but I cannot remember the last time I said that!

On my reading list for the immediate future is;

On the Other Side 


On my to-do list is;

Spend as much time with my puppy as possible 

I do feel like recently I have neglected my puppy (don't worry - he hasn't been on his own he has been annoying the hell out of his nanny) (-my mum by the way, not an actual nanny), and I really hate the feeling that I haven't been dedicating enough time and attention to him. So this weekend, it's me, him, some wellies and a couple of orange balls.

Spend time being grateful for everyone close to me 

I am moving out soon, and as excited as I am, I have really loved living with my parents for the past twelve months and I will really miss them when I move. At least this time it's only a 45 minute drive away and not all the way down to London! So while I am living with them, I am determined to get as many hugs and kisses in until they tell me I am being weird.

What are you up to this weekend? x

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