November Goals

1 November 2016

I have a bit of a love-hate relationship with goals posts (there's a football joke in there somewhere), I love writing them to feel productive and see for the months ahead what I want to achieve, but I must admit I do find it hard to follow up, take stock and see what I have achieved.

I last wrote a goals post in June, I set myself three goals and it seems that I have half completed each one! I am going to pick some goals that compliment this post, whilst also setting myself some new challenges.

With that in mind, here are my goals for November;

1. Get my photos developed. 

I completed this half of one of my June goals, yet actually getting to a developer and seeing my photos is still eluding me at the moment. So before the end of November, I will have been and got them developed and uploaded the best onto heytheredewdrop!

2. Put my table up. 

In June, I tasked myself with creating something myself for my new house. Whilst I have everything, I made the table top by hand and purchased the legs I want to attach, we realised that as I am currently living with my parents who have all their own furniture, there is no room for my table. I should have moved in by the end of November and the first thing that is happening? My table is going up.

3. Jog more. 

I have got back into jogging a little bit, but at the moment with the amount of travelling I am doing, I am only averaging once a week and would love to get this number up a bit.

4. Drink more water. 

My skin is prone to dryness, dehydration and moderate eczema. Alongside this I definitely do not drink enough to keep myself hydrated. I have had a couple of bouts of bad eczema recently so I am going to up my water intake to see if it makes a different to my skin. And to my health generally.

5. Embrace autumn/winter fully. 

Now that my boyfriend's birthday (Halloween) is out the way, I am going to embrace Christmas fully and try and make the festive period last as long as people will let me.

6. Read, read, read! 

Dark nights and a fire both lead themselves to reading. I have let reading fall by the wayside recently with travel/family commitments/work, so being in my own house will mean that I can carve out some evening time to sit down with a book.

What are your goals? x

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