Winter Warms

11 November 2016

The weather really has taken a turn from the winter. Two days ago I cleared the frost off my car for the first time and drove into what can only be described as Narnia (also known as Rossendale). Today is sunny, yes, but the frost on the ground and the bite in the air reminds us it really is winter and that Christmas is on the way.

With the cold weather comes all of my favourite things, particularly things that keep you warm and toasty. If I could be a word, I would be cosy and I am using this post to share all my ways to stay cosy and warm this winter.

. Hot drinks 

Tea all day erryday.

. Chrismtas drinks 

Technically the same as above but more than your average tea or coffee!

. Blankets 

Wrap up and get cosy.

. Hot water bottle 

Is there anything more satisfying than being sat on your sofa watching a Christmas movie with a hot water bottle WITHOUT period pains?

. Sweaters 

Pull them over your head and wrap your arms around yourself for a second and feel the warm and softness.

. Thermal vest

Not the sexiest but boy is it the best.

. Fire

Find your nearest (obviously safe) fire, get next to it, get a glass of wine and a book and live happily ever after.

How do you keep warm in the winter months? x

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