Harry Potter and the Cursed Child

30 November 2016

So, last Saturday I got to go and see Harry Potter and the Curse Child. I have needed a couple of days just to get my thoughts together, and honestly just to process what happened LIVE in front of MY OWN EYES.

Before I get in to how it made me feel, two things;
1) There will be no spoilers in this post. Not one.
2) I was so prepared to hate the show as I think Harry Potter is verging into overkill (I am sorry!)

So with that in mind...

Go and see it. Just go and see it.

The show as a theatre performance is so bloody brilliant that it is almost inconsequential that it is Harry Potter related. What they have managed to achieve on stage is insane (in the best possible way), I must admit at the beginning I spent time trying to work out how certain things were happening, but as I settled into the show I almost forgot it was illusion and bought into the magic happening in front of me. There were audible gasps at plot reveals, staging, costume changes, entrances and even set changes, to the standard of which I have not seen in an audience in a theatre.

It is also brilliant that according to reports, over 50% of the audience are first time theatre goers, so as someone who believes in the arts and believes in the theatre, is brilliant.

I am fully aware of the fact that this going up as a play will have been given money and time that many plays will never see, but I really do think the show is a great example of what theatre can do and how theatre can keep up in an increasingly digital world.

I also saw Julia Roberts. So there's that.

Have you had chance to go? What did you think? x

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