An Ode to Instagram

3 May 2017

We've all done it. Don't pretend you haven't. In my bored moments I have scrolled through my own Instagram looking back on old photos and let me just say, for me, this is what Instagram is for. 

Don't get me wrong, I definitely feel like my Instagram recently has become more about the aesthetic than recording my life, but I still try and make sure all the key moments are there, whether I have a perfect photo or not!  

I will admit that I fall out with Instagram all the time sometimes, it is really hard to look at all the people you follow who may be on holiday, or have the job you want, or can cook better, but I think on the whole it is a really lovely way of documenting your life.

The scroll back I have just done this second (and what sparked the post) has left me with a really nice feeling of gratitude at all the great things I have done with my life, rather than my every day feeling which is struggling to feel like I have accomplished much (Me? Self-deprecating? Never).

So here's to Instagram, a pretty way to see all the lovely things I have done in the last five years (!).

Also for nostalgia, here is my first picture from when borders were a thing, please comment with links to yours! x

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