DUBLIN | Photo Diary

10 May 2017

If you have seen my Instagram recently, you will have seen my photos from Dublin. It is such a gorgeous, incredibly photogenic, city, so I thought I would try and do it justice by creating a bit of a photo diary.

Before I let you look at my favourite pictures from a weekend away, I thought I would just list a few of my favourite things to do/about Dublin!

.. Christchurch
.. ALL the coffee shops
.. ALL the Guinness
.. The Guinness storehouse (has to be done)
.. Going to see a comedy show in Vicar Street
.. Temple Bar
.. ALL the live music
.. The adorable streets
.. How it is (fairly) straightforward to navigate
.. The vibrancy

I think that covers most things, as for coffee shops, I would definitely recommend Brick House Cafe and The Queen of Tarts. I also recommend Badass on Temple Bar. Yes. Badass. It's fun.

With that, onto the photos!

Have you been? What did you think? x

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