27 Things For Turning Twenty Seven

22 May 2017

I was really tempted to do a 'Things I Have Learnt' posts, but to be honest, the one thing I have definitely learned in my time on this planet is the more I learn the less I know (try not to sing UB40 here). Somehow the later I get into my twenties, the more I realise how young your twenties are.

So, instead, on each of my birthday's I am going to create a bucket list for the next year ahead. It will generally be the number of things associated with my birthday but if I am still blogging at 40, I may have to reassess this idea.

As it's 27 this time, here are 27 things I would like to do in my 27th year.

My plan is to strike through each one as I do them. Barcelona will be struck out first as that's why I did for my birthday and it was incredible, as always.

1.. Begin to learn a new language.
2.. Go to Barcelona again.
3.. Dance more.
4.. Drink more tea.
5.. Drink less alcohol.
6.. Buy a house.
7.. Get over 300 Instagram followers (if you would be so kind; https://www.instagram.com/lucymaycairns)
8.. Ask My Mamma lots more things.
9.. Buy some slipper shoes.
10.. Save money.
11.. Go to a blogging event.
12.. Hand write a letter.
13.. Take another pottery class.
14.. Master my skin care routine.
15.. Learn a DIY skill.
16.. Be a bridesmaid for one of my best friends.
17.. Get under 12 stone.
18.. Get my 5k time down.
19.. See live music.
20.. See a firework show.
21.. Attend a Christmas Market somewhere that isn't Manchester.
22.. Bring in the New Year somewhere special.
23.. Change my hair colour.
24.. Learn something about myself.
25.. Meditate more.
26.. Get a new piercing.
27.. Get a new tattoo.

What's on your bucket list? x

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