Knitting is the New Black

13 January 2017

Everywhere I look, it seems that someone I know has taken up knitting. People (yep, just going with people) claim that it is relaxing, fairly easy to pick up and a lovely way to unwind - not dissimilar to the colouring book craze that seems to all go a bit crazy last year (or was it the year before? Time makes no sense in my head any more).

Just by taking one look on Etsy, you can see that knitted blankets are not only insanely photogenic, but actually seem to be big business if you can do them correctly, but because I am getting better and more obsessed with doing things for myself (I am also trying to save pennies) I have decided that I am going to give it all a whirl and see a) if I enjoy it and b) if I can even do it!

Supplies needed: 
Knitting Needles
Some form or knitting book or tutorial (see below for one of my favourite finds)

That's about it! I will update when I have managed to complete the project!

Do you knit? x

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