How To Beat The January Blues... Without Spending Money

4 January 2017

The January Blues. It may sound cliche but they are definitely a real thing, I have already cried twice since Christmas for reasons that I am not totally sure about, but definitely included is the feeling that the most wonderful time of the year is now over for another 11-ish months.

Go for a jog

Sorry. But it has to be there. New year, new start, new you, getting healthy, it all lends itself to try and get into a regular exercise pattern and if gym memberships are just not in your budget right now, get on your trainers and pound the pavement. It's free, it helps to keep you both mentally and physically healthy and you get to be smug about it.

Go fabric sample shopping

New Year is a time to make changes and give things a bit of a makeover. If you can't afford to go full scale house makeover, why not go into different fabric shops (or Dunlem Mill as I did), look at different samples and start planning in your head different ways you would like to update your house for when you do have the money to do it.

There are also some great things you can do with fabric samples to create things that look great in your home now!

Wrap up and go for a walk

Similar to a jog, you may say, but a walk feels much more relaxing. I also can't jog with other people as it makes me self conscious, but I love to grab as many of my family and friends (and dogs) and get out on a walk and get some fresh (if freezing) air.

Read a book

I have so many books sitting on my to be read pile, why not use a time when the weather is generally rubbish and you have no money to be out getting through it? You can sit for hours with a book with none of the guilt of getting outside and making the most of any nice weather.

**This can also be applied to binge a TV show!

Visit a museum

Always a good one when money is short. They are free to get in to and some of my favourite places on Earth! When I lived in London I visited the Natural History Museum over and over again, not just because it didn't cost anything, but because you get something different from each visit. Here is Manchester, there are also plentiful choices; Museum of Science and Industry, Manchester Museum, Manchester Art Gallery and the People's History Museum.

YouTube tutorials

Teach yourself a dance routine. Go on. I dare you.

What do you do for free to get rid of the January Blues? x

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