NYE 2016: NYR

1 January 2017

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Happy New Year's Everyone!

I sincerely hope you are surrounded by the people you love, having a tipple if you fancy one and reminiscing about all the food things that have happened in the year that has passed (maybe stay away from politics?). If you want some conversation ideas, see my favourites from 2016 post and start talking about your favourites!

So, onto 2017.

Whilst there are some pretty scary prospects on the international stage for the year ahead, I am going to focus on what I can control and focus on myself a bit more this year. I have one NYR and one only.


I don't mean lose weight, although I am hoping that may be a side effect of what I do. I am talking about getting as healthy as I can with my currently knowledge, healthy eating, mental health and looking at my health issues e.g. making sure I am up to date on my thyroid checks and getting my skin healthy and getting this serious bout of eczema seen to.

I will definitely be sharing my journey with getting healthy on heytheredewdrop and I really, really hope that you guys share with me either your NYRs or your journey with getting healthy and we can all do this together!

Lots of love and have a brilliant New Year.

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