Ideas For Something Nice To Do For Your Friends

18 January 2017

My best friends tend to be a little bit dotted all over the place, but recently I have had a few messages off them saying that the January blues really are managing to get the better of them. With myself also definitely feeling that the time of year is something to be battled against, I just thought I would share some recommendations for things that can make both yourself, and your favourite people around you feel a bit better.
| Cook a meal

Also known as get pizza.

| Send a gift 

Nothing expensive, just a little something (most probably from ASOS or Etsy) to brighten up their day.

| Organise a day out 

Get outdoors, you may not all be athletic but a lovely long walk in nature can set the world to rights.

| Tell them what they mean to you 

I cannot stress this one enough, after a few drinks me and one of my best girlfriends had a long conversation about how much we loved and valued each other. Sounds sentimental, sure, but after it we both felt like we had someone that was fighting our battle with us. I then chose to send a quick message to all of my friends telling them just what they meant and suddenly we all felt like we had a little army behind us.

What do you do? x

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