7 July 2016

I guess I can be described as somewhat of an 'urban hippy,' I devour anything mindful and am constantly researching and finding ways to try and live a mindful, zen life. A resource I absolutely love is Your Zen Life by beautiful (inside and out) actress Teresa Palmer.

While I could dedicate a whole post to how much I love the blog, this post specifically is about something I have used for a little while now, and continue to use as often as I can.
Mediation has come into the spotlight somewhat over the last couple of years. No longer is it something that is alien to the masses, but something that is encouraged, particularly by young professionals, to try and keep your mind as healthy as possible.

At the moment there is a fair bit going on in my life and hopefully without sounding too self indulgent, I have found myself giving in to stress and meditation and all mindfulness seems to take a back seat. However as the title of this posts suggests, I am not perfect, my attempt at mindfulness will be a constant way forward to getting better, feeling better and doing better.

So from someone one person dealing with stress to another, I give you Tez Talks 13 part 2 where Teresa Palmers guides you through loving and kindness mediation. It's less than 10 minutes of your day and if done properly, leaves you feeling both energised and calm.

So if you ever read this, thank you Teresa Palmer for guiding me through and reminding me that it's all going to be ok.


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