Six City Break Must Haves

30 June 2016

This weekend, my boyfriend is whisking me away to Bruges as my birthday present. It is safe to say I am potentially the most excited ever as I have recently heard the city described as "fairytale-esque." With blogging territory then comes the opportunity to get the best photos possible, and so with that in mind, here are my essentials for a mini-break.

1. A great bag. 

Travelling everywhere with a camera means you need something stylish and practical to carry all you need in.

2. A disposable camera.

Sometimes it is more fun to take a disposable camera and get 27 photos that you have to wait until the film is developed to see. It is also something to look forward to when you get back circa Monica and her wedding photos.

3. A great day dress. 

For this trip, I have chosen a comfy black t-shirt dress as it is versatile and looks great with photos. To give it something extra, I have also bought a statement necklace just to make it feel a bit more special for holiday.

4. A leather jacket. 

Self explanatory, surely?

5. SPF 

Regardless of where you are going, and how much sun you are expecting, I always find it essential to ensure that I am covered in SPF to protect my skin. Particularly as I am rather pale.

6. A passport and credit card. 

When stressed at the airport, this is what I always tell myself. As long as I can locate my passport and credit card, everything else is replacable.

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