Smiles Needed.

27 June 2016

Two of my best girlfriends came round for a brew and a chat about life last night. However, it was clear after a while that at the moment;

The world feels heavy. 

Some of the reasons that the world feels heavy for us are personal, and they can't be helped. But most of the reasons we felt a bit heavy are global and all three of us felt like we would just give anything for a bit of good news.

So two things came out of us putting the world to rights, none of us go on nights out very much any more so we have organised a night out for a certain date where we are not going to talk work, politics, the future, we are just going to talk about silly things, laugh as much as we can, have some drinks and have a dance.

The second was we just talked about Pride and how amazing some of the messages coming out of the day were. My particular favourite being the policeman breaking ranks to propose to his boyfriend.

So thank you Mr Policeman, for showing us that in a world that feels heavy, love will always win.



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