Wedding Envy: Churnet Valley Railway

14 March 2016

Unique wedding venues are kind of my thing. I love seeing venues that are something slightly different, and that is exactly what has happened when coming across Churnet Valley Railyway. The vintage feel, coupled with something a bit Harry Potter-esque means that this venue really is a brilliant opportunity to get some absolutely beautiful photos, as well as appeal to my inner geek.

I also love a venue that has an identity, you can really feel the wedding potential of this venue and the kinds of brides that would be drawn to it.

So if you're feeling vintage, like you want to potentially wear and cloak and have a wand, or you just think that the scenery is as beautiful as I do, then maybe Churnet Valley Railway could be the venue for you!

All photos courtesy of Jess Rigley Weddings.

What do you think? x

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