Excuses, excuses, excuses.

18 March 2016

EllieEllieLTD via Etsy

I am a relatively healthy human being. I try to eat right, but do have the occasional cake or takeaway, I exercise when I feel like I can and I try to eat as much of the right things as possible.

At least, that is what I tell myself.

Recently I have put on about a stone, and it seems that it has crept on pretty much out of nowhere. I make excuses saying that shift work doesn't help, or I work when I used to do (my absolute favourite) spinning classes but really, I am just saying that I do not want to find the time to exercise.

So here is my promise: I promise to give up making excuses.

I am also going to start by purchasing the amazing water bottle above as a kick start.

Something about writing this as a blog post feels therapeutic for me, if I see it here in front of me I may just stick to it! So hopefully, I am going to be sharing recipes, exercise ideas and motivational posts over the next couple of months.

Not too many obviously, no one likes a smug exerciser.

Are you getting ready for Spring/Summer? Tips would be greatly appreciated! x

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