Spring Clean

20 March 2016

The sun is out today and it seems that spring may be finally upon us; the nights are staying lighter, we can begin removing scarves and maybe even grabbing sunglasses, even if it's only for driving!

So with spring comes what?

The spring clean of course!

I can be a somewhat messy person, I am guilty of getting home after a long day and leaving my clothes next to my bed, ready to be picked up in the morning. However, I also get a lot of satisfaction out of cleaning when I have the time. Couple this with the fact that I now life with a boy, I feel like this year's spring clean is going to be a big one.

So with that, here is my current to-do-list and tips on how to spring clean:
To Do: Clothes

I like clothes, I really do, but recently my body seems to have changed a bit and some clothes I have no longer suit me. Part of me wants to keep them as inspiration, but the main part of me thinks it is just not worth the pressure on myself, or the amount of room they take up. So here is to enjoying the here and now, and if I lose weight in the future, well then that's great, if I don't, well that's great also.

Tip: Have You Worn It In The Last 3 Months? 

A lot of people do say six months, however this year I am getting tough with a 3 month rule. There are obvious exceptions to this such as my favourite winter jumpers and winter coats but these will go in a vacuum bag for the duration of summer (so probably about a week).

To Do: Sentimental Items 

Now, I am all for keeping mementos and I love them with all my heart. However, I can go overboard; am I really ever going to wear that Justin Timberlake t-shirt that I haven't worn in years or am I really ever going to sit and read through old exercise books? Probably not.

Tip: Be Realistic

Keep what you want to keep, photos, trinkets, t-shirts that you have worn to death, but be realistic. If there is something you are keeping just for the sake of keeping it, then maybe think about getting rid.

To Do: Books

I hoard books, I really do. Even books that I have bought and have been sat unread on my shelves for years. However, the amount of space I have for books is dwindling.

Tip: Give Them A Second Life

If you have a book that you have never read, read and not enjoyed or perhaps read, enjoyed but have no intentions to read again, give them away. Let them be enjoyed by another person. Or if you are after a bit of cash, you could even look at selling them.

They are my top three at the moment, although I am sure as soon as I start, more jobs will appear!

What are your tips for spring cleaning? x

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