Hello There & Sarah Seven.

2 March 2016

First of all, the biggest apology from me for going missing for the last two months. I started a new job and a new relationship so as far as balancing everything goes, it's taken a while to get sorted.

As it is my first post in a while, I am going to write about something I love that I haven't had chance to yet; Sarah Seven dresses. This post is has been sparked partly from the fact that I was lucky enough to go to Love Bridal Boutique in Altrincham and see these dresses in real life, and let me say, they do not let you down.

So here is basically my love letter to Sarah Seven.

The Sarah Seven bride "has an urban inclination, but is whimsical at heart; The Sarah Seven girl seeks out beauty, loves love and drinks champagne with abandon."

The whimsical style definitely lends itself to a barn-type wedding, just look below and imagine the wicker chairs, mason jars, desert tables and fairy lights. Let me know what you think in the comments!

Thanks for reading xxx

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