Love, Rosie

26 August 2015

Image: Lionsgate
Netflix can be a minefield. When you don't know what you feel like watching, the constant scroll down different categories seems like it can lest forever, or until you get frustrated enough that you either turn the TV off or watch an old favourite. I am going to attempt to help. The Netflix section of my blog is going to be reviews of TV and films on Netflix in the hopes of giving you something good to watch.

First up: Love, Rosie.

As teens, these lifelong soulmates go their separate ways. But will time apart undo the ties that bind them together?

Now, I did go and see this film at the cinema and absolutely fell in love with it. But I had forgotten just how enjoyable it is! If you can forgive a slightly dodgy American accent that happens at one point, the film is a beautiful look at what happiness is versus what you think it should be. It also looks at teen mothers in a fresh way, showing that one accident is all it takes for your life to completely change.

Lily Collins is just beautiful during the entire film, bringing an incredibly relatable, empathetic feel to the role. Sam Caflin also fits the role incredibly well, bringing the confusion and again, portraying an incredibly empathetic character. The two of them together have great chemistry.

Whilst critics have been harsh on the film, as a rom-com it will make you laugh, cry and think about what is important in life as well as entertain, which for me is definitely enough.

I would happily watch this film again tonight if I didn't have to go to the gym and pack a case for my trip home at the weekend. Oh well, there's always tomorrow.

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