Getting Out of London

28 August 2015

It's no secret that getting out of London is good for you. The fast pace, intense environment does get overwhelming pretty quickly. I was speaking to a friend the other day who said when she first came over, she was determined not to lose her LA cool. She lost it in a month.

I have been out of London recently (I promise I will write my Edinburgh round up soon!), but there's nothing quite like going home, back to mum and dad's house where I will be cooked for. Also SUNDAY DINNER.
Not only am I going home for the weekend, but it's a mother-effing bank holiday. Work has been ramping up recently, which is obviously very exciting but I could really use this extra day off to get some much needed country back into me and wake up to a dog licking my face.

I guess this post is just kind of a love letter to my home and family and after a rather intense week (but a very nice day) I will be heading home to get clear lungs and a clear mind, so watch out for some life evaluation early next week (and lots of recommendations of things to do in the North West)!

What are you up to this bank holiday weekend?

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