"You've Dropped Your Smile"

25 August 2015

Yesterday I was crossing the road at a set of traffic lights, heading into Pret to get my boss a coffee, when a cyclists remarks "Excuse me, you've dropped... your smile." Being the cool human being I am, I looked around the floor before it properly sunk in what had been said. When it did sink it, I found myself not only cracking a smile, but letting out a small laugh.

And it got me thinking. I have dropped my smile.

I have done a few big things over the past few weeks that have made me happy; a trip to Newquay, a weekend at the Edinburgh Fringe, but day to day life, I feel like I smile less and less and stress gets more and more. It never used to, and doesn't need to be like this, so I am heading on an Every Brilliant Thing inspired journey to celebrate small wins each day. Look out for a weekly post of the small things and small wins that make me smile each day of each week.

To him what was a small comment, that he will probably never think about again, has got me thinking and evaluating my life for what does make me smile, and where all that stuff has gone.

What simple things make you happy? x

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