Everless | Sara Holland

30 July 2018

Time is a prison. She is the key. 

Ooooooooooooooh. Right?

I will try and stay away from spoliers, but there are definitely some hints in this review that may influence how you read the novel.

The world Holland creates is bloody gorgeous and clever, and I really do believe this would make a great film or TV series for the young adult audience. The play with time was very much my favourite part as I am fascinated with it to begin with, the characters bleed time out of their blood to keep the ruling family happy, and the metaphor for the class system and capitalism is something that is really beautiful throughout the entire book.

Jules as a main character is incredibly likeable, and I really enjoyed following her journey back to Everless. However, HOWEVER, the relationship with Roan felt like a vehicle for the story, rather than something believable.

HOWEVER again, Liam really felt like a much more fully formed character and subsequently, their relationship felt fully formed.

The villains in this novel (which I will definitely not be giving away) were the biggest twist for me, it also taught me that as I reader, I concentrated on the potential of romance and this feels like it is done deliberately by Holland and she sneaks the villains by you in plain sight.

I really enjoyed Everless, I did, I read it in two sittings and enjoyed sitting and falling into the world, however, there were a couple of things in the story that I was expecting (one twist I was expecting to be slightly more hard hitting than it was), and I found that for a strong female character, she was far too obsessed with a boy.

Other than that, I don't enjoy half stars, so due to the fact I am definitely looking forward to the second and it was such an intoxicating world playing with time, I am rounding up to ★. 

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