Brunch with Mamma | Wild & Wild, Congleton

2 July 2018 Congleton CW12, UK

Growing up in South Cheshire, I have always known Congleton, however in recent years it seems to have had a fair amount of regeneration (I may be very late to the lovely Congleton party but I am there, don't come for me please).

I took my Mum out on Sunday, we'd originally headed out to get supplies for my sister's wedding trial makeup party, but we decided that we would pop into Congleton for a spot of food at Wild & Wild first.

My Mum had stumbled upon Wild & Wild when taking my Aunty to buy some mobility apparatus from a shop in Congleton and had be waiting to take me because she said I would love it.

Don't Mums know best people?

I fell head over heels in love with the place the second I walked in, then I found out they did Yoga and they stole my heart (could I BE any more Millenial) ((the answer is yes, put a Friends reference in your sentence)).

The decor is exactly what I would like my house to look like, I am in two minds about ringing them and asking what the paint they used for their feature wall is, but I have refrained so far. If my house suddenly changes colour, you will all know where the inspiration has come from.

To drink I had a beetroot latte and for food I chose a Buddha Bowl to try and get a taste of everything. If you follow me on Instagram, you will know just the amount of love on my feed and in my stories I had for the beetroot lattee, it's making my mouth water just thinking about it. The whole baked cauliflower was definitely a highlight food-wise, and my Mum's peanutty wrap she had (unfortunately, I cannot for the life of me remember what that was called).

I did not try the unicorn cupcakes but look how cute they are?!

Could this place get any more Millenial cliche? Probably not.

Did I asbolutely love it both aesthetically and for the taste? Very much so.

If you're around Congleton, I definitely suggest heading in for a spot of lunch, it's not too pricey and the staff were all lovely. Just forgive that everything is a tiny bit on the hipster side if that's not your normal thing (it's definitely mine!).

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