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20 February 2018

It's been a little minute since I blogged, and while I am still firmly of the belief that only a select few people read this blog, I have come to miss putting words on a page, taking nice pictures and working my own weird brain out.

The world itself hasn't got any better,but my ability to deal with the anxiety about the state of the world has.

So, I am coming back.

I can't promise that I will post often, and whilst I am going to try and keep a general direction for my blogs; mostly books, food and house renovating; I will not be forcing myself to publish when I do not have content that I like, and I will not be judging myself against my own blog, or judging my blog against other blogs (which we all know if far too easily done).

Where have I been?

Well, Gareth and I bought a house! We purchased his Gran's house and have chosen to do a full renovation of a two-up two-down, so there will be many posts about things I have learnt, how to chose the right builder, and how to lay a slate floor evenly!

I have been reading a lot to try and both keep my brain active, and practice self care, as reading allows me to enter a little bubble of escapism. I am hoping to get more book reviews on here to kid myself into feeling productive and closer to a job where I just read books all day.

I have gone completely vegetarian. I don't think I have previously blogged about this, I think this has happened since my last post where I went silent. I had been toying with the idea for a while as I have always associated a certain amount of guilt with eating meat, and one day I woke up and just decided I wasn't going to do it anymore. This epiphany came about a week before my new chick babies (Oliver and Ginger if you're wondering) arrived. My family now also do not eat chicken. Of their own volition.

Before I make this blog an essay, I will wrap it up there. They are the three main factors in my life at the moment, but it will soon ramp up to include a baby shower, three important weddings and a very important hen, so I am sure I will find a blog post or two in there somewhere.

I also need a quick look back over the things I promised in my 27th year.

Thank you for reading x

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