40 Things Every Girl* Thinks When Dying Her Hair

21 April 2017

It seems I had a fair bit of thinking time whilst my at home colour was developing and decided to write a list post of 40 things what every girl (*just me) thinks when they are using at home hair dyes.

So, if you are interested in what was running through my head when I was dying my hair last night, here we go.

Just for reference (this post is not sponsored in any way), I used Casting Creme Gloss 515 Chocolate Truffle.

1. All these girls on the box are so pretty.
2. Do I SLIGHTLY resemble ANY of them?
3. Let's go for this one, it'll be a change.
4. But is it too dark?
5. Why is it called Chocolate Truffle?
6. Now I want truffles.
7. Right, ok, how in the world do I pierce the dye bottle?
8. Have I just put the condition in instead of the dye?
9. No, it's changing colour.
10. Ok, it's go time.
11. Roots first.
12. Should I do roots first or just whack it all on?
13. No, let's do roots first.
14. Ok, I think my roots are covered.
15. They definitely wont be when I was this out but I think they are.
16. 15 minute timer, it's not a long time.
17. Why isn't this 15 minutes over yet.
18. Shit. I have dropped some on the floor and it is developing.
19. Just as I settle into Say Yes To The Dress, timer goes.
20. Ok, rest of the hair.
21. Why do I have so much hair?!?!
22. Ok, I have to be clever but I think that I can make this last.
23. I can't make this last, thank God I bought a second bottle.
24. Will this develop differently as it has just been mixed?
25. Wow, shaking this formula for the second time is a fair arm workout.
26. Ok, I am pretty covered.
28. Wow, my bathroom looks like I have murdered someone.
29. Do I use shampoo?
30. I will use shampoo.
31. Ok I think it's all out.
32. Let's pick a towel to ruin. 
33. My hair texture is definitely dry now.
34. But hey at least it looks pretty even.
35. It's definitely darker than on the box.
36. Let's not judge it without make-up on.
37. It's a bit patchy.
38. I don't hate it.
39. I definitely should have gone to a salon for this.
40. But I saved around £40. So let's do this all again in a couple of months.

NB. When using Casting Creme Gloss specifically, 41. The condition smells so weird.

What goes through your hair when using hair dye at home? x

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