Why I Feel Like A Blogging Fraud

23 January 2017

Blogging is definitely a double edged sword in my life. I absolutely love taking the time to write content that I want to write and that I hope people want to read. However, as much as blogging is a community of like-minded people and a can be a great support mechanism, it also adds a lot of pressure to live an Instagram-friendly life, or to be a font of all knowledge and have answers, or to be able to build things from scratch.

Sometimes it gets exhausting.

I do not have any of the answers, in fact at the moment my mental health is definitely a little bit all over the place, even my friends have noticed that I am more stressed and erratic than usual. I am not great at DIY, although I am trying my best to learn, I cannot code as well as I would like to and I am trying my best to improve my photography skills and find not only my voice, but my niche of what I want to write about. I don't feel like I am qualified to give advice to you beautiful people and I wouldn't even know where to begin crafting an OOTD post (today is a black dress and black tights...).

But very recently I have realised; that's ok.

My blog is going to be my own authentic voice as I struggle through my twenties (bleurgh, I know) and learn how to do all these things that other bloggers seem to be able to do from pure talent and hope that I can create content that others want to read.

My blog has also taught me that many of the people that stop here once in a while also feel this as one of my top posts of all time is Blog Envy; a post looking at how to not get jealous when reading other people's posts and seeing other people's pictures.

So no, my blog is not perfect, and I am not perfect, but that just might be my niche.

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