Eleven Reasons to visit Bruges

29 January 2017 Bruges, Belgium

If any of you read my blog regularly, it is no secret about how much I enjoyed my trip to Bruges.I have done a couple of posts including my photo diary, and a spotlight on Bruges Gin Club. If any of you have followed my blogging for more than a year or two, you will know I used to have a blog titled Eleven Reasons. I used to really love writing the posts and so have decided (with the help of my blogging best friend Stephie) to launch the idea as a strand. For the first new-old post, I wanted to write about something I really, really loved. This coupled with the fact that I don't think my other posts did Bruges quite the justice it deserved has led me to...

Eleven Reasons to Visit Bruges

One | The Gin

I probably should't have put this first, as I will have most of you thinking that I only go on holiday for alcohol (which is only partly true), but I am a huge gin fan and my boyfriend had already found Bruges Gin Bar to take me too and I was insanely excited. It would go down as one of the best gin selections, and one of the best bars, I have ever been to.

Two | The Adventure

We had planned a couple of things to do over our stay, but the way Bruges is laid out, it feels like every time you turn you have found a new street to discover. It is not the largest of cities, but it really is packed in with wonderful things.

Three | The Lake of Love

Perhaps one of Bruges most well-known tourist attractions, this picturesque spot (pictured at the beginning of the post as well) is just stunning, I could have spent all day wandering round, getting lost and enjoying the scenery.

Four | The Chocolate

My goodness. Belgian chocolate everywhere.

Five | The Quaintness

Horse drawn carriages over cobbled streets? Yes please.

Six | The Buildings

Very Dutch in it's influence, or so a tour guide told me, the buildings are a thing of beauty everywhere you look, it was beautiful in the spring time but the aesthetic means I am absolutely dying to go there at Christmas.

Speaking of which...

Seven | The Christmas Shop

There is a Christmas shop open all year round. I was singing Christmas Carols and trying to keep in my excitement for Chrismtas... in June.

Eight | The History

We chose to do a boat tour (which I would strongly recommend) and normally when you go on a guided tour and get taught history, not a lot of it sticks with you, but the history of Bruges and how it came to be preserved rather than developed really stuck with me.

Nine | The Monastery

One of the moments in my life that I will never forget is walking into the Monastery and hearing the Nuns sing. It was completely unexpected and utterly beautiful.

Ten | The Beer

Sorry to use alcohol again, but the craft beer was something even I could get involved, having previously never liked beer.

Eleven | The People

The people absolutely make it special, they are all so friendly and warm and willing to have a conversation with you.

One thing I will say against it; I was disappointed by the waffles.

Have you been? What did you think? x

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