Things I Learnt Eating in a Michelin Star Restaurant For The First Time

6 December 2016

For my boyfriend's 27th birthday, I decided that instead of buying something special, we would do something special! He is a chef (winner) and so loves his food, and loves the intricacies of food. He had mentioned Adam's in Birmingham a couple of times and I thought it would be a nice way to take him to a restaurant he fancies, as well as show him a bit of the city I was born in.

Needless to say although I am not a chef, I am into food and wine. I am definitely into trying new food and new wine. So in my opinion, as we headed up to the restaurant, we were in for a win win.

The whole evening was gorgeous, decadent and completely exceeded my expectations, I cannot look at the picture above of the beetroot macaroons without feeling a little sad that I will never eat it again. They weren't even part of the menu, just one of the 'snacks' that come with your first drink (an earl grey and elderflower cocktail that was absolute perfection).

.It's Expensive.

Let's just get this one out of the way. It is expensive. Do not expect it not to be.

.Lots of things will happen that you do not understand.

Lots of wine will be explained to you, there will be ingredients you will have never heard off, I found it was best to just nod your head and smile.

. It will all feel a bit like a performance.

The different waiters, the extravagance, there is all sorts of things that will make you feel a bit like this has been rehearsed and you are swept along.

. If you choose the wine, there will be a LOT of it. 

8 taster-sized courses plus 8 full glasses of wine = no idea how we got back to the hotel.

. All the extra touches will be easy to spot.

Remembering it was my boyfriend's birthday, offering to get the cookbook we purchased signed by Adam, remembering what we were drinking and suggesting things based on that. There really is a whole extra level to the service.

. It will be one of the best damn meals of your life.

A lottery win must be coming soon so I can do it all over again.

Have you been? Where did you go? x

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