Shall I Put The Kettle On?

13 December 2016

Any idea how it is Christmas a week on Sunday? No, me neither. But with time passing faster than I ever thought it would, I thought now would be a good time to stop and take a breath.

December has been a crazy-but-lovely month, I have moved in with my boyfriend and we are starting to get the house straight now, and by get the house straight I mean I have obviously pushed all the important things aside to put my Christmas decorations up.

So with that said...

What I am reading...

I must hold my hands up a bit here, I have not done a whole lot of reading lately with all different commitments. I am in the middle of On the Other Side by Carrie Hope Fletcher. I will obviously do a full review when I have finished the book but at the moment, I must admit I am a bit middle ground about it, I am definitely enjoying the read but not particularly gripped. I am definitely happy to stick with it till the end though!

What I am watching...

Having moved out my house around a week ago, I am definitely enjoying the freedom of having more time with the TV and not having to watch Can't Pay, We'll Take It Away (no offence Dad). One thing I have been dying to catch up on is Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life. The best way I can describe it is a warm mug of tea, it is lovely and satisfying and feels like a big hug. I do wish I had spent the time re-watching a bit of the old stuff before delving into this!

I am also watching a fair bit of the Christmas 24 channel. You just cannot beat a good Christmas TV movie. My tip for getting the best out of the channel is always make sure you vaguely recognise one of the actors, then you know you're in for a heartwarming time.

What I am doing... 

A lot of packing and unpacking to be honest. My main priority was to get the new house feeling Christmassy and homely. The Christmas tree isn't quite finished but is nearly there, I am just waiting for a garland, the fireplace is all done, the lights are up outside and there bedroom has it's own little tree. I am definitely feeling festive when I sit down of an evening and see lights twinkling around me.

What are you reading, watching and doing? x

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