15 Things I Have Learnt Since Getting A Puppy

14 July 2016

1. You will not sleep much. 2. There is a lot of cleaning up. 3. You will get outside more than you ever did before. Even if it was a lot.4. It takes a village. Parents, siblings, friends... they will all help out occasionally.5. They give the best hugs.6. Suddenly you don't want to go out as much...7. ... and want to plan your weekend around where you can take your puppy.

8. Socialising is the best thing you can do for your pup.9. You will need to adjust your life, spontaneous adventures now require a lot of planning. 10. You will become a crazy dog person. My boyfriend was adamant he wouldn't, but guess who is now Benny's daddy? (Mwahahaha)11. A lot of things will be chewed. Most of them even when you have done several checks to make sure there is nothing to chew. 12. Protect your food. 13. They will fill your Instagram/Snapchat.14. They are your therapy.15. They are your soul and give you life.

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