Tuesday Trend Watch: Floral Dress

28 October 2015

For Spring 2016, there is a definite shift to floral wedding dresses. If anyone managed to make it to the wedding exhibition at the V&A museum, you will know that originally wedding dresses were made in a floral pattern and worn more than once, it wasn't until Queen Victoria and the Victorian period that white, wear-once dresses became the fashion.

So if you really want to harp back to tradition, why not try a floral wedding dress? I know I will be trying one on as it is one of, if not my favourite look.

Kathryn Conovor Couture, Katie Slater Photography

Gemma Makin via Easy Weddings AU

Kate McDonald Bridal via Kat Harris Weddings

Jennifer Gifford Designs

Mignonette via Burnettes Boards

Bec Johnson Photography

Which look is your favourite? Would you do a floral dress? x

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