Initial Inspiration

29 October 2015

Beginning to plan your wedding can be an incredibly daunting task. You get on Pinterest and there are a million and one ideas that would look beautiful on your big day. I was having a trawl through my Pinterest looking for inspiration on a blog piece and I just though, why not pick one of your favourite items within your home as a place to start?

Above is one of my favourite things I own, it is a beautiful bumblebee teacup from Anthropologie. Suddely I am looking thinking that lemon would be a beautiful colour to choose, with honeycomb decorations maybe incorporating the gold leaf.

And whilst this is not fool proof and you could change your mind several times after, picking something small and tangible to focus your energy can keep you calm and stop planning a wedding feeling so overwhelming.

As well as that, try a lot of relaxation techniques!

Do you have any objects that inspire you? x

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