Out Of My Fashion Depth & #LVSeries3

6 October 2015

I like fashion as much as the next person. At least, I used to think this before I moved in with a wonderful flatmate who just so happens to work for Burberry. I now realise that what I am with people who LOVE fashion, I am out of my depth.

This weekend, she very kindly offered me her extra ticket to go and see the Louis Vuitton Series 3 exhibition next to Somerset House. I was apprehensive at first, not only do I not know a whole lot about high fashion, I do know that Louis Vuitton is not one of my favourite brands.

However, the exhibition was incredibly enjoyable!

The exhibition explores the work of Nicolas Ghesquiere's work since he joined the fashion house in 2013, and how he has drawn on the brands heritage to make a modern collection. The work is all about paradoxes and juxtapositions and I found myself genuinely interested. The exhibit itself is made to play with your senses and sense of perception and while at times, I did indeed feel like I couldn't quite figure out where the floor was, it worked incredibly well and intensified the futuristic vibe.

I really feel like I learnt something about both the brand, and history in general. We had a very lovely tour guide (I would recommend the guided tour) and now I have a new found appreciation to everything that goes into creating a fashion collection.

Would I ever spend £3000 (approx.) on a very small bag? Probably not. Did I have a lovely day out with my fashion savvy flatmate? Absolutely.

Have you been? x

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