A Floral Backdrop

7 October 2015

Floral backdrops have been around for a little while now, but I think it's safe to say that they are not going anywhere for 2016.

If you are going for real flowers, these backdrops can be quite expensive but I do think it improves the overall look, and magical feel of the piece. I absolutely love these and I definitely think that when I get married, it will be one of my first priorities as it can really lift a photo, particularly if it is behind the top table. It also means that whatever venue you are looking at, you have more control about the makeup of the room and your photos.

Source Greenscape Design and Decor

Whether you use real flowers or have the artistic talents to DIY one of your own, I really do think they can be a statement piece, and a talking point, for any wedding. It is also a way to cement your theme. Whether classic white (above) or in your chosen colour scheme (below), flowers and a wedding go together like bread and butter.

Source Jonny Valiant
What do you think? Would you have one? x

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