Why I've Gone Cruelty Free & My Favourite Cruelty Free Brands

7 June 2018

Firstly, I apologise for the click bait picture of my sister's dogs Casper and Luna (a picture that I give her full credit for), but this post will kind of be about animals, so I figure it isn't too bad of me to put

Secondly, I do not want this post to be preachy, I just want to help people see that going cruelty free isn't hard, and you can feel great for doing a tiny thing to make the world a better place.

Right, now they're out of the way, let's talk about going cruelty free.

I first went cruelty free when I saw quite a graphic post on my Facebook feed from The Dodo. It explained what *some* companies do to Beagles when testing productions on them, and that was pretty much it. That was my decision made to do my absolute best to never purchase a product that had been tested on animals again.

As you can tell from my (sort of) click bait above, I bloody love dogs.

So, here are some of my tips to try and live as cruelty free as possible (I am not perfect, I definitely do not know everything about animal testing but I am doing the best I can and trying to share what I learn as I go).


Blogs like Cruelty Free Kitty are absolute bibles for me. As I said above, I am new to this and definitely don't know everything there is to know about the cruelty free world, so I research what I can and see what others are saying and blogs are a great way to do this.


Some brands are very transparent and open with their policy on animal testing and selling products into China. Here's where I am arguably a bit naive, but I trust their policies and feel far more comfortable shopping there.

Some of my favourite outspoke cruelty free brands include;

Make Up 
Lush (yes, I know Lush can be Marmite)
The Body Shop
Superdrug Own Brand
Charlotte Tilbury

Method (absolute fave!)
Aldi Own Brand

Once you start looking, it gets easier and easier to find products that you like, enjoy buying, and feel guilt free buying!

Don't get me wrong, it can be challenging when you have run out of hair shampoo and you are stood in the shampoo isle of Sainsbury's desperately Googling every hair brand they have on offer in the hopes that one will come back cruelty free. But I've made the break now, and I am never going back.

Do you shop cruelty free? Any tips?

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