Emma Bridgewater Factory

1 March 2017

Last week, I managed to get in at the Emma Bridgewater Factory. I have been before, almost four years ago now, and it has significantly changed since then! The cafe and decorating studio have grown and been refurbished into really lovely spaces. I didn't think it could get better than before but it did!

After locating the studio (it has moved to a different building), we headed in and picked what we were going to throw our creativeness at (yep, sticking with that phrase).

It is definitely a bit on the pricey side, £15 for an average sized mug, but for the day we had, I would definitely pay that again, even my sceptic boyfriend ended up painting his own instead of just supervising his daughter!

We also grabbed a latte as we didn't quite leave enough time to head on over to the cafe (we had my parents to meet) and got to work. I am not sure if any of you are watching The Great Pottery Throwdown, but that I definitely stole some techniques from James in episode one and had a go at dripping the paint down the side of my mug. The practice mug I used looked better (obviously) but I do like the way it came out. I wanted it to look a little bit like those drip cakes which I absolutely adore.

It is hard to see the detail when the pots haven't been fired, and that takes up to two weeks, so for now all I can do is recommend that if you can get there, it is a really lovely day out and I will update the post when I have my mug!

The second mug I did was a present for my Mamma for Mother's Day instead of just buying her something (don't worry, there is very little chance she will read this) which I also can't wait to see and can't wait to give!

What have you been up to lately? x

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