Ways To Cope With Emotional Exhaustion

17 February 2017

To say that last week was one of the most emotionally stressful of my life is potentially an understatement. I won't go into details now but it is something that I have started a post about, I just can't find the right words to express what I want to say about it.

But, as I am not a millionaire who has money to burn, unfortunately life goes on. I go back to work and although my world has shifted, it is important to retain a sense of normality and turn up everyday day with close to a smile on my face. 

For the most part I am managing to compartmentalise my thoughts about the news I received, but when it all gets a bit much (this is mostly when I am on my own and my brain has chance to think about it), there are some coping strategies which are definitely my go to. 

| Cry

Personally I find there is no better release than a good cry. Let it all out. Cry until you don't want to cry any more and suddenly a tiny bit of the fog in your brain will begin to lift. 

| Take a bath

Draw up a hot bath and release those endorphins! 

| Read a book 

Preferably in the bath! I personally get so immersed in a book (as long as I am enjoying it), that my brain forgets all about reality for a while, and this little break from reality can be just the ticket. 

| Exercise 

This one can be a bit of a double edged sword and does depend on the type of emotional exhaustion you are feeling. But if you have the energy, get angry and sweat it out. 

| Find a dog

Just find one. Any (friendly) one. There little face looking at you will put the world to rights. 

How do you cope when things get tough? x

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