28 December 2016

First of all, apologies that this post has taken me so long to write. It was my first Christmas hosting the family (obviously along with my boyfriend who did all of the cooking :)) so the last week has been an absolute blur of buying table runners, booze and lots of food.

Hosting Christmas Day was definitely a learning curve, and I will be doing a post soon of all the things I learnt for next year!

But that is for another day... Onto the present I received for this year's Perfect Strangers Project.

Vanilla Chai Lip Balm
Adorable postcards 
Adem, Love and Other Planets 
Helen Dunmore, Love of Fat Men
A cute Birdie notebook 

The project is a really lovely way to open yourself up to the unknown, and it just so happens that now I have been given an album that I love and is in my car ready to keep me company on any journeys I take, as well as little trinkets around my house that reminds me that there are strangers out there that could become friends, that not all of them are waiting to screw you over.

I haven't managed to read the book yet as my TBR pile for @littlebookcorner_ is huge, but I am definitely looking forward to getting started and I will definitely be featuring it once it is read!

Have you taken part in the project? x

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