20 July 2016

After watching Ghostbusters with my boyfriend, I came out of the cinema on a high, running around singing 'Bustin makes me feel good' with little care of what anyone else thought.

I was prepared to enjoy the film, I was prepared to laugh out loud at these incredibly funny women on screen, I was prepared, as a Ghosbusters nerd, to enjoy all the throwbacks to the original.

What I wasn't prepared for was the incredible emotional response I had to the film.

And it felt great.

It felt so good.

To see four funny, powerful, interesting, flawed characters on my screen for almost the entire film. The main characters of a film were women being absolutely badass. Not badass for women. Not kind of badass. Absolutely, 100% bad ass. It hit me that although I never felt like I had missed female action heroes at the forefront of the film, but then I realised something; you can't miss something you've never had.

Don't get me wrong, there are all sorts of female characters to look up to in movies. But has there ever been a team of four taking on the world? Not that I can remember.

Director Paul Feig told Vulture, “I wanted for little girls to be able to see themselves up on the screen. The original one exists, so you can see boys doing it, but how fun for girls to have this experience!”

And I hope more than anything that Hollywood takes note and women everywhere feel like this again.

Squad. Goals.

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