June Goals

3 June 2016

We're in June. I am guessing you already know that. Halfway through the year and 2016 is absolutely flying by. But I am guessing you already feel that.

What you don't know is that now is the time I am going to get productive. I read blogs, research things I am interested in blogging about but June is going to be the month I get productive. In my research and reading, one thing comes up over and over again; creating goals and seeing them written down can make them achievable. So now, on a monthly basis I am going to create three goals that I wanted to achieve, with a timescale to achieve them.

1. Get a roll of film and get creative. 

Easing myself in a little bit I suppose, but this is something I have been thinking about for months now and never quite seem to get around to doing. I have a film camera, but haven't bought a film for it yet. There is also something about film, maybe its the not being able to see and edit the photo straight away, that makes me get more creative, more daring, and more excited about the photos I take.

2. DIY something for the house. 

Whilst we are waiting for all the mortgage to go through, it can be hard to be patient. So I am going to channel all my excitement into a project for the house that I can be proud of when we finally do move in!

3. Get jogging. 

I may not like it, but I always feel better afterwards. Any suggestions for a jogging playlist would be more than welcome!

What are your goals for the month? x

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