But First, Coffee(?!)

3 April 2016

Cafés El Magnífico, Barcelona

I love tea. I would go as far as to say that I could not live with out tea. Recently though, I have really been getting into my coffee. Caffeine and myself haven't always seen eye to eye, it can give me headaches and make me shakey, however, recently one cup of really good coffee seems to be my vice. I think it may have started with my (fairly) new job at a hotel and learning to make proper coffees, lattes in particular.

Something about lattes really satisfies me, and I honestly cannot tell you what it is.

This love of coffee has recently intensified with a trip to Barcelona (a blog post and photos to follow!) myself and my partner found a lovely independent coffee shop that had been there for over 100 years and I just fell head over heels. It really has given me the motivation to look into coffee tasting courses, to really learn what the subtle differences are (obviously along with tea and wine tasting...) so any recommendations of courses would be very much appreciated in the comments!

Cafés El Magnífico, Barcelona

Coffee is also just so photogenic (sorry, but it's true #CoffeeWanker).

So whilst tea will always be my first love, here is a nod to my crush on coffee.

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