Perfect Strangers Project

11 November 2015

Hey there stranger!

Oh Comely! magazine has started up a project which sees strangers from around the world send each other a package. Sounds cute right? Once the packages have been sent, participants are encouraged to share their presents on Instagram as well as becoming potential friends with whoever sent the package.

If you are struggling for what you would pack, here are some ideas:

A Travel Box 

You could fill the box with little gifts themed all around travel, encouraging your perfect stranger to go on all the journeys they have been putting off.

My Favourite Things Box

Fill the box with all your favourite items; books, pictures, nail varnish; and introduce your perfect stranger to your favourite things.

 A Music Box 

Include your favourite CD, a playlist of all your favourite songs, notes of hand written song lyrics and show your perfect stranger your musical taste.

A Literary Box 

Similar to the music box, wrap up a book recommendation, a bookmark, maybe even some book themed jewellery or stationary and see what your perfect stranger thinks!

These are just a few ideas, if this interests you go sign up, and maybe we will be the strangers that send each other a gift.

Sign up here

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