Bonfire Night 2015

9 November 2015

I absolutely love Bonfire Night, it has to be one of my favourite nights of the year. Fireworks, hot chocolate and the feeling that Christmas is coming leaves me more excited that ever. This year, one of my best friends and myself went to Betley Bonfire. Although it was incredibly busy and, due to rain and mud, it took us an hour to get off the car park I had a really magical evening and love it as much as ever.

I also cannot ignore how romantic the whole evening is, I had an amazing time with my best friend, but part of me was jealous of the romance in the air and all the couples cuddling up and watching the display. It also got me thinking, what a great night to propose! All this romance has inspired me for the blog this week so I hope you all look forward to the coming posts!

Did you do anything nice to celebrate? What gets you feeling romantic? x

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